The Future For DSLRs – Dustin Brown’s DSLRUOK?

A modern DSLR is used for photography, along with video and film production. Designer Dustin Brown has produced his own DSLR idea to encourage change in a product category that is notoriously resistant to change. He believes exposure is a cube, not a triangle. He states that we should be able to navigate and fly within the exposure cube with one control, picking settings continuously and organically. He suggests a trackball that allows us to navigate aperture and shutter speed, surrounded by a jog dial that moves exposure in ISO.

dslruok camera side view

He also believes we should make use of our smartphones and use it as the camera screen and remove the on-body screen of cameras to reduce size and power requirements. This minimalist suggestion will allow DSLRs to become a lot lighter and portable. It’s unknown if camera makers will undergo these huge changes, but it would definitely be a game changer if the major players released a Dustin Brown-suggested camera.

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dslruok camera lens

dslruok camera attached to drones

dslruok camera connected to iphone

dslruok camera all accessories

dslruok camera develop high bandwidth digital interface