The Game-Changing Griff 300 Drone Can Lift a Massive 300kg

The Griff 300 Drone sets a new high standard for unmanned aerial systems with aviation authority certification and an unrivalled lifting capacity, making it perfect for a host of professional applications. The Griff 300 drone from Norwegian-based firm Griff Aviation is certified by both the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Federal Aviation Administration making it the first drone on the civilian professional market to have achieved both certifications. Although it’s still not recommended that you fly one down to Bunnings to pick up a sausage sandwich.

the griff 300 drone

The designation of ‘300’ wasn’t chosen at random. 300kg is the gross weight that the eight propellered mega-drone can lift with a long flight time of around 45 minutes. According to Griff Aviation, the 300 is easy to operate and the aviation company aims to give customers a customised user interface that’s optimised for their own situation. Whether it’s by remote or a fixed ground station with telemetry and video feed, Griff can design, manufacture and install everything.

Keep an eye out for the next model, the Griff 800. You guessed it. An epic 800 kg lift weight. Griff is calling it the beginning of an aviation revolution.

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