Garmin Provides a Wearable for the Data-Driven Golfer

The primary base of the word “activity” is “active.” Typically for activity trackers, one imagines the user jumping over fire pits, climbing mountains and doing other cool stuff that doesn’t really happen in life. For the rest of us, Garmin has made an activity tracker for the leisurely athlete – the golfer. It is the first golf-specific tracker and one that is much needed in the market.

garmin golf band

The Approach X40 is a golf band that combines daily activity tracking and Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology with golf data for more than 40,000 international courses. The band is slim and lightweight so it won’t bother your swing, and it will present you with precise distances to the front, middle and back of each green as well as hazards. The X40 band features AutoShot tracking, which measures and records shot distances for post-round analysis in Garmin Connect. If you want to improve your game while moving into the future, Garmin’s X40 is the way to go.

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