Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa, Then Alexa Speak with You!

Although there are other navigation tools/programs out there, the Garmin Speak is different because it is more interactive and, more importantly, it makes efficient use of speech recognition technology. Thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, you can ask the system to play music using Pandora and other sources.

garmin speak build dash cam

While the music is playing, you can also ask Alexa to check your calendar, help you make a to-do list, play games, check traffic/the weather, help you control/manipulate smart technology, make you a cake, help you find a boy/girl-friend, pay off you debts—okay, okay, the last 3 are bogus, but, in time, who’s to say what will be possible?

The Garmin Speak software/app is best-suited for Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and powerful cellular data connections; you can access audio through your car’s stereo by using your aux cable or Bluetooth. What’s great about this device is that it’s capable of adapting, learning and expanding its repertoire of helpful services and uses.

garmin speak volume

One should note, though, that Garmin Speak at this time is only supported in the US, although this is likely to changer, for the better, as time goes by.

With Garmin Speak, you will be able to convert words into action–in essence, combining Garmin’s reliable GPS navigation system with Amazon’s convenient, easy-to-use, hands-free Alexa Voice Command technology. And because you can use your own car’s stereo sound system, there are no mandatory additional accessories and devices to access this technology.

It also allows you the luxury of accessing a technology that is getting better and better with each passing day and Alexa is not only a testament to that but also something that has already proven itself in the field.

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