Garmin’s Vivomove Brings Fashion to Tracking

Garmin is well known for their fitness trackers, as they’ve consistently stayed ahead of the curve with their always improving line of gear. One thing that they’ve not traditionally led in is fashion. The vivomove is out to change that perception. The vivomove is a fashionable analog watch with activity tracking features and a one year battery life. It’s truly a game changer for Garmin, adding style to activity tracking and combining classic design with function.

garmin vivomove white watch

The vivomove does everything you’d want: monitoring steps and sleep and reminding users when they’ve been inactive too long. With the impressive battery life, water resistance and a variety of interchangeable bands, the vivomove is wearable whether you’re going on a date or a hike. The appearance is impressive and the functionality is great – what’s not to love?

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