Get Immersed in OSSIC X’s Real 3D Sound

OSSIC X is the first 3D audio headphone that instantly calibrates to the listener. By pairing advanced 3D audio algorithms with head-tracking and individual anatomy, OSSIC X delivers accurate 3D sound to your ears. Everyone hears the world slightly differently based on their anatomy. By tailoring the experience to your needs, you can enjoy an increased sense of auditory space and sound quality. OSSIC X boasts that your listening experience will be ten times more immersive than what’s offered by other technologies.

ossic x 3d audio headphone for listening experience

3D audio is capable of completely changing the way you hear content, including existing stereo and surround-sound recordings of your favourite movies, music and games. Eight individual drivers work in tandem to play back sound to the correct portion of your ear. OSSIC X is particularly designed with virtual reality gaming in mind. In VR, the sound is key because at any given time you only see a small percentage of the world around you, making sound essential for knowing what’s going on outside your field of view. OSSIC X can create a sense of space and direct your attention to the important elements. Plus if you’re going to fork out a thousand dollars plus for a HTC Vive you wouldn’t want the experience ruined by a half-arsed audio set up.

The OSSIC X is available for pre-order and is expected to ship mid-2017.

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ossic x 3d audio headphone smart design

ossic x 3d audio headphone round shape

ossic x 3d audio headphone ultra modern

ossic x 3d audio headphone outlook

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