Get Lost, and Keep Yakking with the Linc Smartphone Walkie Talky

Like to get out in the woods? Like to go out into the wild badlands of wherever well outside the reach of ordinary cell towers but still want to use your mobile device to work so you can talk about dumb stuff no matter how far from civilization you wander? Well, somebody is thinking of you, angel tits.

linc smart walkie talkie backside cover

Introducing the LINC Smart Walkie Talkie. LINC snaps onto your existing smartphone and transforms it into a walkie talkie. This means, no matter how ridiculously far from town you go, you’ll still be able to chat with your mates about every little thing you see, think, feel, and eat.

The LINC Smart Walkie Talkie is GPS enabled allowing you to beacon help if you fall into a ravine, or run out of snacky cakes in the outback. But the best thing about it is that it actually has an amazing amount of range- up to five miles. That means you can get pretty damned lost before you’re permanently, irrevocably lost and gonzo forever.

linc smart walkie talkie in hand

The LINC Smart Walkie Talkie delivers an unprecedented level of range, battery life, and connectivity for a walkie-talkie device. There’s really never been anything like it. Of course, there have been cell phone based walkie talkies that are better in a lot of ways, but not outside of mobile service areas. That’s what makes the LINC special, and sets it firmly outside the range of its competition.

But the LINC hasn’t yet completed its funding campaign on Indigogo. So if you want one, you might have to contribute. Otherwise, you might have to keep using those Spiderman walkie-talkies you got for X-Mas.

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