Give ‘Em Heli With The Silverlit Remote Control Heli Blaster

Sleek, fun and mindless, the Silverlit Remote Control Heli Blaster is a callback to a pre-drone era where people just wanted to fly things without being tempted to spy on their neighbor. Yes, it’s true–there was actually a time in history where men just liked to fly things without cameras involved. Hard to believe, we know.

You’re welcome to use the Heli Blaster indoors–in fact it’s encouraged–and we can already hear the sound of broken glass after you fire missiles at those empty beer bottles positioned on the counter firing range style. Indoors or out, the infrared remote controlled Heli Blaster is just an unadulterated excuse to engage your inner hobbyist.

silverlit blaster RC toy helicopter

The interplay between the joystick and the helicopter is straightforward and easy to navigate. With absolute ease you use the 3-Channel Remote Control to fly left or right, spin, take off, hover, and land. Also included with the purchase is a rechargeable lightweight lithium polymer battery to ensure functionality for long periods of time, replacement rotors, and of course 8 of those irresistible plastic missiles we keep mentioning (though the copter holds 6 at a time)–you can fire them individually or all at once. The Heli Blaster comes in colours of red, blue and black.

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