Go Thin or Go Home With the New HP Spectre Laptop

Never a company to simply rest on its (highly successful) laurels, HP has introduced the world’s thinnest laptop: the HP Spectre. This masterpiece in craftsmanship is supremely thin and light. And when we say thin and light we mean thin and light–10.4mm thin and 2.45 pounds light to be exact. That’s like so thin and light you might forget you’re holding it. We’ve read Stephen King novels that weigh more–far more in fact (Under the Dome, anyone?)!

hp spectre laptop back side view

Now, with such a nimble product you might wonder if it could break easily or if there’s even enough room to store any data. Worry not, dear users, for HP thought of everything. This device of catwalk-model proportion struts out using the best carbon fiber and aluminum materials and running on processors from Intel. Okay, so now you’re saying: “fine, but what’s to stop it from overheating?” For that, HP has employed special hyperbaric cooling technology from Intel, which brings cool air while additionally venting hot air out–this ensures consistent peak performance and temperature stability.

hp spectre laptop hdmi port back side

Visually speaking the laptop is sleek and beautiful thanks to a contrasting, two-tone finish. The keyboard is backlit to a glass trackpad to give it that extra touch of modernity and refinement. In other words, expect some ogles when you take this baby out to the local coffee shop. Just hold onto it tight because it could very well start to float out of your hands!

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