God of Time – Garmin Fenix Chronos

Chronos is the father of time (according to Greek mythology) and yet even he might have trouble keeping up with all the features presented by the new fenix Chronos Watch from Garmin. This extraordinary multi-sport beast is jam-packed with so much tech and premium metal that not only will it last forever but it could take that long to unload all of its potential.

garmin fenix chronos watch scratch resistant sapphire

The fenix Chronos marks the first time Garmin combines the best in material with the best in innovation. Keeping it safe from harm is superior metal and scratch-resistant sapphire. Hovering beneath that high-grade durable exterior is everything from GPS and GLONASS outdoor sensors to barometric altimeters, providing navigational precision. The timepiece is also a cut-rate fitness tracker that can measure heart rates right there on the wrist without the need for any accessories as well as sync with an app to create an activity profile. Throw in smart notifications like emails and texts and you start to wonder what the fenix Chronos can’t do.

garmin fenix chronos watch back side

The best part is that the fenix Chronos’ small arsenal of features doesn’t come at the expense of top-shelf design. In other words, this piece of superior gear that was cut from premium jeweller’s grade materials looks damn good in addition to everything else. Choose between three styles and make this watch the one.

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garmin fenix chronos watch stainless steel garmin fenix chronos watch flat on the ground