Google Chromecast Concept Takes Notes from Apple TV

On paper, Chromecast is a great idea. The problem is that the delivery of the product wasn’t handled in the best way. In order to use Chromecast, you have to have your phone—at full charge—and then you have to deal with the lag as you tries to pass along your streamed show. Then add in the problems caused every time your phone locks or is unlocked and using Chromecast can be a challenging experience.

Designer Roel Heyninck has come up with a concept for the Google Chromecast 3 that addresses these issues.

google chromecast 3 color variants

Borrowing a bit from the design of the Apple TV box, Heyninck’s Chromecast 3 separates your phone from the box. Instead, it uses a single USB-C connection to stream information to your TV. The box also comes with its own remote—no more needing to use your phone to control the service. The remote has four buttons and a touchpad. There’s also a standby button on the bottom that can be used to turn your TV on and off.

The remote can also double as a gaming controller when held horizontally (maybe Heyninck is thinking ahead for Google Stadia?).

google chromecast concept

The unit is designed in three classy colourways: a black and grey, a white and salmon, and a solid black. The top of the box has a slight dish to it—think soap dish—that looks like it is meant to hold the remote. To use the box, you’d simply press the “cast” button on your phone and then set it aside. Everything else you need to be able to do can be done with the remote.

It’s a slick design that addresses the frustrations that come with using Chromecast. Hopefully, Google takes note.

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