Google Home Hub Throws a Display Into the Mix

Introducing the newest member of the Google Home Family: Home Hub. Like its technological brethren, the device comes with Google Assistant built-in, and is thereby smart as a whip. However, Home Hub takes things a step further by way of its 7″ display, which offers an entirely new tier of benefits. That’s joined by a compact design and Ambient EQ light sensor, allowing both the device and its screen to blend in with pretty much any interior.

google home hub bedside

There’s no camera included on Home Hub, and that’s no mistake, as Google didn’t want owners to feel like the device was invading their privacy. Consequently, you can bring it into any room, including the bedroom, without feeling like there’s someone (or something) watching. Meanwhile, Home Hub delivers an endless bevy of information and entertainment. Want to stream a photo gallery? Check the weather? Schedule an appointment? Map a route? Listen to music? Watch YouTube videos? That and so much more is a mere voice command away.

google home hub kitchen

On the connectivity front, Google Home Hub is not just compatible with over 100 smart devices, but it completely streamlines your technological eco-system. Specifically, Home Hub includes home view, which allows you to view or control all your smart home devices (lights, TVs, cameras, Chromecast, smart plugs, speakers, etc) by using your touch or your voice. In other words, your days of using an individual app for each peripheral smart device might very well be over.

Available for pre-order now, Google Home Hub comes in a variety of colours, and retails for $219 AUD.
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google home hub music

google home hub on the reck

google home hub on the table

google home hub side

google home hub rear