Google Home is Our Pick of the Virtual Assistants

Activate devices anywhere in your home. Perform search queries out loud, like a Star Trek character. Check your calendar. Wake up the kids. Play music. Organize your life. Toast bread- possibly. Abandon your humanity and submit to the Borg. Just kidding.

google home new devices

It’s a scene right out of a 1970s science fiction feature. Speak to a voice-activated computer that is in command of any digital device to which you connect it. Ask questions aloud, reschedule events by voice command, and wear vinyl body suits with short stiff collars.

google home voice activated

Google Home transforms your home and your collection of computing devices into an integrated, voice activated hub of dynamism and- for the very first time- makes it possible to watch and navigate between your favorite funny cat videos all while taking that trip to and from the kitchen… hands-free.

google home kitchen shelters

Your technological overlords at Google have been working to perfect voice command computer control for years and now, and presumably, they have finally got it right. There’s also a good chance that a “The Clapper” app will be forthcoming which will make it possible to use Google Home to turn lights on and off by clapping twice. Intrigued? Really? Okay.

google home black and white color

Talk to Google Home and it talks back, offering an indicator sound and voice feedback. Perhaps the best thing about it is you won’t have to smudge up your precious devices with your filthy fingerprints anymore.

google home white color

You don’t have to abandon your humanity for Google Home to become your home’s Central Processing Unit- but if you would like to, Google Home will oblige.

google home to become your home central processing unit

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