Google NEST HUB MAX is the Next Big Brother

George Orwell may have created a nightmare image of “Big Brother”, but Google has made a big brother that you can rely on—the Google NEST HUB MAX. Following in the original Google Home Hub, the MAX is a smart display that you can use to coordinate all your smart devices together, as well as take care of your to-do list. The MAX comes with a 10-inch smart screen and features a camera on the top that allows you to make video calls and to keep tabs on your home with security monitoring.

You can turn the camera on or off with a physical switch on the back of the device, which also turns off the microphone (if you want the camera off and the microphone on, you can do so through the software menu). The MAX has a matte display that can adjust its colour temperature to help it blend in more with your room. While the bezel around the screen will always be white, you can pick up the MAX in either grey or white.

Aside from a bigger screen, the MAX also benefits from bigger audio—two front-firing 10W tweeters and a 30W woofer. The camera works with Google Duo, which will centre on your face, which brings up another neat feature, face recognition. The camera has a 127-degree field of view. MAX also pairs with NEST for home security.

MAX may not be watching you all the time, but he’ll be ready when you need him.

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