Google Nest Wifi Gives Your Home Signal a Performance Boost

Wi-Fi technology is developing at an impressive rate and not all modems or routers are able to keep pace. Enter Google Nest Wifi, which boosts your home signal and provides a new tier of power and performance in the process. Consisting of both a router (which connects to your modem) and a point unit, the product delivers two times the speed and up to 25% better coverage than traditional set-ups. What’s more, Google Nest Wifi is scalable, meaning you can add more point units to cover more square footage.

Google Nest Wifi app

Setting up Nest Wifi is as easy as plugging it in and then syncing it with a Google Home app on your computer or mobile device. Minutes later, you’re able to manage the network along with other supported devices in the app. Everything from setting up guest accounts to sharing passwords to prioritising devices to testing network speeds is an absolute breeze. The power is quite literally in your hands.

Speaking of power, one Nest Wifi router along with one Wifi point can handle up to 200 connected devices. Working together, the system is also fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos at a time. Meanwhile, it all comes in a purposefully eye-pleasing package, which blends with a full swath of modern decors.

Google Nest Wifi

Should you live in a 1-2 bedroom house or apartment, the Google Nest Wifi 2-pack will do you just right. For 2-3 bedroom homes, you might want to score the 3-pack. Moving into mansion territory? Just add more contact points and you’ll be streaming with speed and security in no time. Welcome to the new frontier of coverage.

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