GoPro Fusion is the 360 Camera for Thrillseekers

Back in January at the CES, GoPro’s CEO teased that the company had a spherical camera in the pipeline. Now, the company has announced more details on the new GoPro Fusion Spherical Camera. This standalone spherical camera puts viewers right in the action and was made to shoot extreme sports videos.

The Fusion works like GoPro’s other action cameras, which means that you can strap it on a vehicle or helmet for adventure and sporting footage. The Fusion Spherical shoots 360-degree panoramic footage in 5.2K resolution. The user can pan and tilt within the shot to view the action from different perspectives.

The videos can either be viewed on mobile devices or virtual reality headsets. A new setting, called OverCapture, lets users grab HD quality videos or still images from the Spherical footage. OverCapture provides immense creative freedom as it allows you to capture every angle simultaneously—like you have six cameras in one. It also enables you to grab the best frame of what you’ve captured. So, instead of having to frame your videos or photos to achieve what you want, you simply go back and select whatever shots you want afterwards in standard HD. With OverCapture, you won’t ever have to worry about framing your subject. You can go back and choose the composition that you want. This feature is innovative and unlike anything else on the market right now.

The Fusion Spectral Cameras will initially be available to only professional content creators and brands as part of GoPro’s pilot program for the Fusion. After that, a limited number will be released to the public sometime late this year.

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