Head Back to the Future with this Kozmophone

Kozmophone brings consumers the world’s first modular speaker fused with a holographic turntable. This meshing of the past, present, and future allows for a beautiful union of impressive utility and innovative function. Designed to look like an updated version of what has come, and be a siren song for what lies ahead, the Kozmophone does so much more than serve a purpose.

kozmophone table view

Although it has been 141 years since the first phonograph was produced, today’s remodel pays tribute to Thomas Edison’s original version. Bringing back the iconic honrned shape, the Kozmophone boasts Edison’s horn-style speak design, but it has been updated and renovated with modern day touches, bringing it to the 21st century.

kozmophone display view

The ability of the horn to rotate a full 360 degrees, while delivering uniform high-quality audio to all listeners in the room, is maybe the most important feature to keep in mind. This consistent, uniform coverage allows everyone to enjoy high-quality audio. The Kozmophone allows for much more than just performance, however. Knowing that to fully enjoy vinyl, you must keep your records clean, this piece features a hidden compartment, perfect for storing a vinyl disc cleaning kit.

Even though the audio provided through the retro-style horn is impressive, if you wish to incorporate your own audio setup, the Kozmophone comes with RVA Line Out ports, allowing you to bypass the integrated speakers.

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