Heightened Security – Sunflower Drone Security System

Outdoor security cameras are assuredly handy, but they’re traditionally stuck facing one direction. Enter the Sunflower Drone Security System. It includes a GPS-enabled high resolution camera drone that can obtain footage from almost any angle, allowing indisputable and unparalleled range when it comes to patrolling the property. Also part of the package is a set of solar-powered garden lights equipped with 360-degree motion sensors and separate vibration sensors. These will alert you of any footsteps and other sounds and can even deter potential intruders with flashing lights and audible warnings.

sunflower drone in the sky

This innovative product could easily set the trend for modern-day home security systems. The price of the ultimate frontline defence on offer has yet to be announced, but it’s safe to assume that it definitely won’t come cheap. On the other hand, it’s certainly going to cost less than what the robbers would get their hands on without it there to stop them.

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sunflower labs drone