Hello Moto, It’s Been a While – We Welcome The Moto Z Droid

For a company to go from making the thinnest flip-phone around that at one time could be found in the hands of just about any self-respecting user to disappear into near oblivion in the mobile phone market is a tall order. This, the Moto Z Droid, is a very welcome reminder that they team at Motorola haven’t been snoozing but, in fact, have been standing in the wings, awaiting their turn to shake up the smartphone market in a big way.

moto z droid mobile phone

This is the phone that will most certainly put them back on the map as a telecommunications force with which to be reckoned. The Moto Z Droid isn’t a re-spun iPhone or Galaxy, it’s its own man. Remember the days of changing your phone case every second day? Well the simplicity of the optional add-ons this phone boasts (called Moto Mods) harks back to that, but these additions are more than just expressions of personality. Attached by magnets, you can turn this phone into a JBL boombox, an actual camera or even a projector that will project films and images up to 70 inches in diameter onto any flat surface.

moto z droid camera

The idea was to create a phone that could out-phone any other device on the market, but still be super thin and lightweight. It has all the normal bells and whistles expected from smart phones these days, motion and voice commands being possibly the most commonly associated with the modern technology, but it also has a smart elegance to it. Where Apple have always had one up on their competitors because of their sleek ergonomics and robust metal construction, Motorola have embraced that and followed the rule of less-is-more. Starting at $624 USD, a fraction more than an iPhone 6s, it looks to be a high-end competitor when it finally hits Australian shores, but a welcome one indeed.

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moto z droid black mobile phone