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Here’s Why Crypto & VPNs Make for Perfect Bedmates

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As any serious trader or investor is likely to know, crypto and VPNs go together like peanut butter and jelly. One might ask: why do these two modern phenoms make for such a fitting combination? Because they both run on the same underlying philosophy of putting the power and privacy directly in your own hands.

We’ve covered crypto and VPNs in previous but separate articles, offering helpful overviews into these respective worlds. To brush up on your knowledge of leading provider NordVPN, check out this article on the subscription-based company and their benefits (or click here to take advantage of their special deal). Meanwhile, this article discusses five of the best crypto and bitcoin wallets in Australia.

But what if you don’t live in Australia and you want access to one of those same wallets? Or what if you do live in Australia but want access to a wallet or platform that’s not locally available? Well, you’ve just touched down on two good reasons to use a VPN for crypto. Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between these concurrent trends.

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Crypto & VPNs Both Deliver Enhanced Privacy

Some people think that they can trade in crypto and remain completely anonymous and completely protected. But if you’re not using a VPN—which encrypts your Internet browsing and thus hides your data from hackers and ISPs—you’re basically exposed. Working together, crypto and VPNs dial up the privacy factor.

Remember, it’s not just big tech that’s coming for you and your data or finances. There are thousands of criminals out there doing the very same thing but for far more malicious reasons. Given that you’re essentially always online when you’re trading crypto, VPN encryption provides an extra layer of security and thus makes for an obvious choice.

VPNs Give You Access to Geographically Restricted Markets

Certain crypto platforms are only available in designated parts of the world…but they don’t have to be. By using a VPN, you gain access to an entire planet’s worth of websites, services, and platforms. This is especially helpful for those who live in countries with heavy amounts of Internet censorship, whereas VPNs also allow you to bypass blockers and filters.

VPNs & Crypto Are Already Joined at the Hip

One doesn’t need to enter a full-blown crypto community to know that every avid trader is using a VPN. After all, personal privacy and decentralised power lie at the very heart of both industries. Crypto and VPN both operate on the notion that the person who should be in control of their browsing and their finances is you and only you. Not the bank. Not the government. Not the ISPs. And definitely not the hackers.

Your VPN of Choice

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