Sony USB Turntable

Anyone who understands the difference between digital sound and analog sound knows that vinyl records deliver the goods. Every audiophile understands this- and that’s why all the biggest music aficionados own a turntable and a collection of records. But, records can be hard to find, and once you’ve got them it isn’t very practical to carry them around with you.

Enter the Hi-Res USB Turntable by Sony. This innovative turntable plays your vinyl as deliciously as you would expect it to- but it goes a step farther by allowing you to record high def. digital recordings of your favorite music.

sony usb turntable digital recording

That means you don’t have to wait to get home to hear your favorite songs. What’s more, the Hi-Res USB Turntable makes it easy to backup that glorious music collection of yours. This is important because,as you know, the major drawback to vinyl records is that, inevitably, they will wear down and become unplayable.

Even in the worst case scenario, say- a horde of wild geese break into your home and nest on your record collection- you’ll still have digital recordings of every record you own. These High Def recordings aren’t as good as the analog versions, but they’re easy to hang on to by moving them from one device to another- just like any other digital recording.

sony usb turntable whole studio setup

The Hi-Res USB Turntable by Sony is the first device of its kind available for home use that can record directly from vinyl to digital without a whole studio setup, making it the only game in town if you want the best of both worlds.

Pricing starts at $590 USD.

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sony usb turntable outlook

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