Hidden in Plain Sight – PlayStation 4 Green Camo DualShock Controller

Any hardcore gamer will tell you that despite Sony’s efforts to refine and perfect the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller, the joysticks aren’t tough enough. Simply put, they won’t stand up to the constant onslaught of your thumbs and after a while you’re going to need a new controller. Out of all the designs available, the new Green Camouflage controller has the most personality. Plus it’s the one most likely to hide the gunk that comes off your grubby fingers.

army green ps4 controller


And even if your DualShock is still (somehow) in excellent condition, what about split-screen? You need to be prepared for when a mate comes over for a round of FIFA or Mortal Kombat after all. Or maybe you need a few controllers to play Minecraft with the kids. Whatever the reason, get the one with the green camo–it’s killer.

Check it out

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green camo dualshock ps44 controller

sony green camo dualshock ps43 controller