The High Life – Bose Lifestyle 650

Picture a small fleet of futuristic monoliths here to take over your eardrums because in a manner of speaking that’s exactly what will happen should you buy the new Bose 650 Lifestyle Home Entertainment System. Needless to say this is one remarkable set of gear that will not only add an elegant dose of visual style to the room, but furthermore inject those airwaves with unmistakable, spacious 360-degree sound.

bose lifestyle 650 on the wall

In keeping with their mission to pack a ton of power into a small package, the 650 Lifestyle won’t overcrowd your space or stick out like a sore thumb. It’s designed instead to aesthetically blend with its surroundings and let the performance do most of the talking. What that means specifically are four of the smallest satellite speakers in Bose history, aka the OmniJewel satellite speakers. The tiny black beauties, which are crafted with superior aluminium and accented by polished glass, feature two acoustic enclosures for dual-opposing drivers. Such innovation leads to omnidirectional speakers and painstakingly precise surround sound. Also employed by the 650 Lifestyle is ADAPTiQ technology for dynamic and adaptive acoustics, and QuietPort technology, the same used on the Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar, which allows for maximum depth and essentially zero distortion.

bose lifestyle 650 in drawing room

In the words of Pete Ogley, general manager of Bose audio-for-video, “For people who want the finest quality in sound, aesthetics, materials and build, there’s nothing else like it. When it’s seen and heard for the first time, it simply suspends belief.”

bose lifestyle 650 smart look

The newest from Bose is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with other SoundTouch systems so sync it up to the nearest streaming device or to other Bose products and get that audio pumping ASAP.

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