Higher Fidelity – G Lab BLOCK Amp

The award-winning BLOCK integrated tube amplifier from G Lab is a sight to behold–the kind of gear that relishes the process as much as the result. It comes to us by way of ingenuity and experience, namely the fresh perspective of designer Mateusz Glówka and the know-how of ELZAB, who helped bring Glówka’s vision to life. If Nikola Tesla were around today we could picture this being his gear of choice when listening to Radiohead’s latest (because obviously Tesla would love Radiohead).

BLOCK reminds us of how movies and books in the past might have depicted the future–heck it wouldn’t seem out of place in a Kubrick film. Giving it some of that mad scientist flair is a small village of removable glass tubes adorning the top of minimalistic stainless steel blocks. But appearances are only part of BLOCK’s impressive charm and magnitude. Expect top shelf engineering that isolates certain interior components to deliver exceptional audio and reduce electromagnetic interference.

On the spec front, the BLOCK has a frequency response of 30Hz-30kHz/-2dB. It uses 5.5W per channel and has 2 line inputs and 1 Phono input. The tube complements come in three different pairs. The weight for this beautiful piece of equipment comes in at 20 KG, which almost seems light when compared to its sheer visual heft. If fidelity and design are two things you hold dear then pick this baby up and start making your audiophile friend’s jealous.

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