House of Marley Legend Headphones

House of Marley is a veteran in the headphones industry and their products never fail to impress. The new offering, their Legend ANC Headphones, should fit perfectly into their tradition of blending quality and style into a great package. The headphones feature high definition 40mm drivers which offer a depth of sound that is hard to come by in such a compact headphone. Warm acoustics, premium craftsmanship and high end design are the main features of the Legend.

Active Noise Cancelling technology enhances the crisp sound by blocking out any peripheral noise that could distract you from jamming out wherever you may be. House of Marley’s designers have struck gold again, and the combination of its collapsible design, detachable 3 button cable and stainless steel frame make the Legend ACN a great addition to your audiophile collection. They go for about $350, which is priced right around where you’d expect for such a premium product.

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house of marley legend headphone side view