Hoversurf’s Scorpion-3 is a Ride on Drone

Forget about a Hoverboard. If you are ready to really fly, try out the Scorpion-3 by Hoversurf. This ride looks like something that you would find in Star Wars. In fact, even the designers call the Scorpion-3 “extreme”.

Designed by the Russian company, Hoversurf, the Scorpion-3 is the first fully-manned hoverbike. It combines a motorcycle seat and frame with a quadcopter drone. Inspired by other fully-manned hoverbike prototypes, the Scorpion-3 can be controlled by either a human pilot or with a drone. Powered by electric, this single-seat hoverbike that was designed for both professional and amateur drivers. The Scorpion-3 prototype weighs 265 pounds and can reach speeds of up to 48 km/h. It can reach a top height of about 33 feet.

1Hoversurf says that operating the Scorpion-3 is as simple and safe as riding a bike. The designers even installed a built-in safety system to keep the hoverbike from going too high or fast. This reduces the chance of the pilot losing control. We have to say that we are quite relieved to hear of this safety system as it looks fun but terrifying to fly.

While the Scorpion-3 looks like it would be a ton of fun, it is still a prototype and not quite finished. Although the Hover Surf envisions the Scorpion-3 as being useful for transport, public transportation, shipping cargo and more, it is not quite available, but Hoversurf is taking pre-orders for this undeniably cool machine. The company hopes that the Scorpion-3 will eventually reach its full transportation potential.

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