HP’s New OMEN VR Backpack is Virtually a Reality

Not to be outdone since their re-entry into the gaming PC market having re-branded last year, HP’s high-powered, sleek and easily customisable range of PCs known as OMEN just got a new little brother. Meet the OMEN VR Backpack, the company’s first offering of a portable virtual reality unit, which has just been released to selected development partners. With virtual reality gaming becoming more and more popular, it’s still held back by the simple problem of mobility, with gaming laptops requiring they be plugged into a wall socket to work at their maximum capacity.

officially made backpack vr

The OMEN allows players one full hour of unencumbered playing time which, while it may not sound like a lot, can be extended by hot-swapping out the unit’s two batteries while a third keeps the PC running, so gamers won’t miss out on the best VR experience while the device recharges. Just like everything in the OMEN range it is black and red and very sleek, and features a custom-made cooling system so it won’t overheat on the wearer’s back. All up, it’s proof that when it comes to gaming, HP are dedicated not just to great design and innovation but to developing unique experiences for their customers that are sure to accelerate them to the next level.

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