HRM-Tri & HRM-Swim – The First Heart Rate Monitors for Land and Water from Garmin

Garmin announced their new HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim heart rate monitors. With the HRM-Tri, triathletes can take their training to the next level with this all in one solution for every leg of the race. It stores up to 20 hours of heart rate data and features an easily adjustable strap with soft, rounded edges and covered seams for maximum comfort outside of the water as well. The HRM-Swim is ideal for pool training with its unique, non-slip strap design. Durable and compact, the strap stays in place during push-offs and creates minimal drag through the water. Both models can forward data on to a compatible Garmin device at the end of a session and send real-time heart rate data when the monitor is out of the water.

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