HTC Ultra is all about U

HTC Ultra is all about U (or you). This smartphone is built with the hardware and personalisation options to keep you organised and make that tech addiction a smoother experience. It’s got a big screen, 5.7 inches with a new liquid surface. Colours bond to the glass in multiple layers that beautifully reflect light adding brilliance and depth from every angle. Ultra introduces a second screen. It’s at the top in the black border so you get updates without interruption. Plus you can customise it with top contacts, app shortcuts and more.

girls photo on htc ultra

This smartphone introduces HTC Sense Companion. It’s HTC’s version of Siri or Cortana but without a cute girls name. The personal companion always learns from you and the things you do every day. It can suggest that you dress warm and leave home earlier if bad weather is forecasted, it can remind you to take a power bank on longer trips and even recommend a restaurant when you’re away for the weekend, then reserve a table. Voice recognition can be used to send text, snooze an alarm, provide hands-free navigation and reject incoming calls.

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It wouldn’t be a phone all about ‘U’ without the ability to take brilliant selfies. The new camera lets you easily switch between 16MP and UltraPixel. Choose between the unparalleled 4x light sensitivity that UltraPixel offers (perfect for candlelit dinners), and the high-resolution detail that 16MP provides.

The HTC U Ultra is currently available for pre-order and is expected to ship mid-March.

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htc ultra blue rearview flat preview

htc ultra blue angle preview with camera

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