The Huawei P10 is The Dark Horse of The Smartphone Market

After their hugely successful entry into the premium handset market with the dual-camera P9, Chinese tech giant Huawei have proved they know how to stay ahead of the pack with their latest release, the P10 (and P10 plus).

Teaming up with celebrated German camera manufacturers Leica to collaborate on the optics, the P10 boasts a 20MP monochromatic lens paired with a 12MP colour lens, which overlay for sharp, clear results. While the dual lenses themselves are impressive, it’s the app, and the software that processes the images that stands out the most. With an aperture that can be adjusted down to .95 for professional close-ups, the processor will also retrospectively change focus (yes, you can switch focus to the background even after you’ve taken the shot.) Selfie mode automatically detects multiple faces and changes to wide angle when required, then slightly blurs the background for optimum focus.

Camera aside, it’s an impressive phone in its own right – it’s clear the design team at Huawei have looked at the competition and worked hard to incorporate as much one-upmanship as possible. Dual-SIM, huge RAM and internal storage, as well as a micro-SD card slot for extra memory.

huawei p10 smartphone front and rearview

The screen isn’t quite as impressive as the AMOLED display of its Samsung counterpart, but it is still rich and vibrant, and won’t cause any complaints. The lack of oleophobic coating is a shortcoming – but Huawei have been considerate enough to box it up with a screen-protector already applied, which helps keep the screen free from grease.

It’s also incredibly fast – probably the fastest fingerprint scanner we’ve ever seen, and theres no lag when using any of the apps, eve with many open at the same time. The construction is also pretty sleek – it looks a lot like an iPhone 7, sure, but is that such a bad thing? It’s thinner, with a textured finish for extra grip, and the dual cameras sit flush instead of protrude – a very nice touch.

Overall, it’s a well made smartphone that hits pretty much every target for top-of-the-line-models, and still manages to come in cheaper than the Galaxy S8, the Pixel and the iPhone 7, making it a worthy contender in a very competitive marketplace.

Check it out

huawei p10 front back and side view

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