Hublot Unveil Their First Smartwatch – The Big Bang Referee 2018

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot is entering the smartwatch arena with a bang–a Big Bang that is. In anticipation of the upcoming World Cup, the brand has unveiled the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. More than just a smartwatch, Hublot’s latest is the ideal game time accessory, touting a variety of football colours on the display, keeping pace with the games in real time, and even announcing “Goal!” every time one is scored. It’s no wonder that the referees themselves will be sporting optimised versions of these watches during each match. Here’s hoping those refs remember to look up every now and then. After all, smartwatches can be pretty addictive!

hublot watch crystal display

Fans of the Hublot Big Bang are well aware of its innovative movement and bold use of material. By taking that same tier of quality into the digital realm, Hublot delivers all the more versatility and performance. With the swipe of a dial, you can choose your team and follow along accordingly through the watch display. A number of team-related straps are likewise available. Meanwhile, all the handy apps you’ve come to expect from the Android platform are included. Along similar lines, the watch is compatible with all phones using Android 4.3 and above, or iOS 10.5.9 and above.

hublot watch football world cup design

Limited to 2018 pieces and available starting May 1st, the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia celebrates Hublot’s ongoing role as official World Cup sponsor. Needless to say, the watch gives us a lot to look forward to this year…in football, tech and horology alike.

Check it out

hublot watch on the table

hublot watch black color

hublot watch blue color

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