Hyper Glass

Hyper Glass from Live Work Play brands itself as the world’s most advanced iPhone screen protector and while that’s a hard claim to substantiate, they definitely have an impressive product. The Hyper Glass addresses the fact that screens are so massive on new iPhones, introducing new technology that places invisible touch points on both sides of the iPhone 6/6S home button. When activated with the press of a finger, these touch points transmit an electric current to the top corner of the screen, essentially replicating the functions of the top buttons.

The ultimate goal here is to allow you to swipe throughout your phone with one hand so you don’t need to look like one of those idiots double-fisting down a busy city street. And by combining new functionality with durable anti-glare and scratch resistant glass, the case is just as pretty, and phone saving, as it is functional. It only takes 90 seconds to install and costs $45 online so you can increase the simplicity and durability of your phone with a simple purchase.

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