Hyperjuice USB C Battery Pack Has the Power

It’s no small claim for the Hyperjuice USB C Battery Pack to claim that it is the world’s most powerful battery pack. Of course, when you have 27,000mAh at your disposal, you have the muscle to back up that claim.

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The Hyperjuice battery pack has two USB-C ports capable of 60W and 100W respectively. The pack also has an 18W USB-A quick charge port. That means that the battery pack can charge three different devices—such as a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone—simultaneously. And it’s not just Apple products that you can charge with Hyperjuice. You can charge just about any electric device—cameras, GoPros, headphones, speakers, VR headsets, Nintendo Switch, and even drones.

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Perhaps the best news is that despite expectations that such a high-powered battery would take forever to charge, Hyperjuice only takes an hour to reach full charge. You can even recharge Hyperjuice while charging your devices.

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Unlike its competition, Hyperjuice is compact, weighing only 550 grams. It falls within airline regulations, and measures less than 7.5 inches long by 3 inches wide, and less than an inch thick. Compared to the competition, Hyperjuice is 28 percent smaller than the closest model but still has more power.

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