The Icelle im 001: A Modular, Futuristic-Looking Friendly Drone

You have to admit that drones are pretty cool. Even if you have no justifiable reason for buying one, they are a blast to fly. The ichelle im 001 drone, designed by Tesla designer Andrew King and his wife, is a minimalist but attractive-looking unmanned aircraft. The 001 is a modular drone, which means that the parts can be swapped out easily. As most drone owners quickly discover, you will inevitably crash your drone and probably break something, which is why modular drone design is so important. So, when your drone crashes into the nearest tree, you can easily and conveniently replace parts and get your drone back up in the air in no time.

a modular futuristic looking friendly drone

The Los Angeles couple describe the 001 Drone as “friendly” and “approachable”. This is due to its smooth, minimalistic design. One of the more futuristic-looking drones on the market, the 001 looks like something that Apple might design.

the drone new design body

When buying a drone, it is important to choose one that is easy to use and maintain. Who wants to spend hours figuring out how to use it? According to the designers, the 001 Drone is both easy to maintain and use, making it perfect for first-time drone-owners. Drone enthusiasts will love the detachable camera that can be conveniently mounted to either the handle or the drone body. This makes it possible to take unbelievable aerial photography and videography.

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