igloohome is a Smart Padlock For the Sharing Economy

igloohome sounds like an excellent name for the latest climate control technology. Except, it’s a versatile Smart Padlock, and remotely-managed security solution perfect for convenient access to your properties and assets.

igloohome smart padlock restricted

With igloohome, owners can grant handymen, delivery drivers, or friends and family access to their property via a time-limited pin or Bluetooth key. When the PIN code expires, the owner’s property and assets are kept secure. What’s surprising is that the Smart Padlock is not connected to the internet and the owner doesn’t need to be within proximity of the lock.


igloohome is currently running a successful Indiegogo campaign to fund the smart padlock, doubling their goal within days. You can lock one in for the Early Bird price of USD $69. That’s 37% off the retail price.

igloohome is also the perfect security tool for the sharing economy. Practically any location that supports a high turnover of users – Airbnb, storage spaces, bike sharing etc.

The key functionality settings include recurring pins, duration, one-time access or permanent pin codes. There are also access logs, reminders, a security alarm, emergency jumpstart and LED status indicator.

smart padlock for bike sharing

“We believe that the igloohome Smart Padlock will be a complete game-changer,” said Anthony Chow, CEO and Co-Founder of igloohome.

“We have created a new security product that can be used in an even wider range of scenarios due to our cutting-edge pin code technology. We are taking the next step in re-inventing access control.”

igloohome is expected to ship April 2019. If you’re buying for a business, there are savings to be made by purchasing multiple locks bundled together.

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smart padlock on toolbox

igloohome smart padlock