The IMAX Private Theatre – Need We Say More?

Film buffs who are sick of making the arduous trek to Darling Harbour just to watch the latest blockbusters in 3D take note: IMAX will now come to you. Assuming you have a large spare room. And a currently unadvertised but certainly sizeable amount of cash lying around. Introducing the IMAX Private Theatre. Available in two formats, ‘Palais’ will accomodate up to twenty seats and ‘Platinum’ will get you closer to forty (basically a Dendy in your garage) – this is a home theatre set-up of the most literal kind. Both feature floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall screens, twin 4k HD projectors, Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, karaoke and, while you’re probably too busy making money to try your hand at a campaign on veteran mode in the latest Call of Duty, it’ll also support gaming consoles. That’s right folks, you could play video games in your very own IMAX. Showrooms are currently in Shanghai and Hainan, with three set to open soon in North America, so it might be some time before these become a regularity in Australian rumpus rooms, but either way one can dream of one day owning their very own IMAX for themselves and thirty-nine of their closest friends.

the imax private theatre is available