Improve Your Posture in Two Weeks with Upright Go 2

Upright Go 2 is a simple and effective way to stand straight while maintaining healthy posture. Why is posture so important? Well, beyond looking more confident, good posture can prevent or reduce potential back problems and strengthens your muscles.

Posture can be at the forefront of spinal pain and headaches, but it’s also crucial to the basics, like healthy breathing and general mental and physical wellness.

So Upright Go 2 trains you to sit and stand with good posture once you have attached the small device to your upper back, as it gently vibrates every time you slouch. By training with Upright for less than one hour a day, your body, muscles, and mind will get used to sitting and standing upright in around 2-3 weeks.

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Users can track progress on the iOS and Android app to view their latest stats, posture history and overall usage. Users are also encouraged to develop custom training programs. The Go 2 can even be put into Tracking Mode to record data without emitting vibrations if the tech is starting to feel like the ‘shock collar’ of posture.

The second generation Upright Go is 50% smaller than the previous model and three times as sensitive. Additionally, the battery is boosted to last 30 hours, and the reusable stickers that attach to your back are now larger – so good for staying in place during longer training sessions.

There’s no longer an excuse for lousy posture as Upright Go 2 is available now at Apple Stores and through Upright online. July 1 will see it available at Officeworks and Bing Lee.

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