Inner Peace with Oak

Meditation has a lot of benefits, and Oak can guide you to discovering those benefits. Those practiced in meditation can attest to the practice’s positive effects on sleep, lowering stress and anxiety, and increasing calmness. But learning how to meditate can sometimes be a challenge. That’s where Oak, available on iTunes and in the Apple App Store, comes in. Oak guides your meditation practice by providing Mindful and Loving Kindness meditations. Each session lasts between 10 to 30 minutes and feature the soothing background sounds of distant rain, waterfalls, crackling fire, or other relaxing tracks. Beginners can choose between male or female instructors while more experienced users can use the unguided meditation timer (with the unguided timer you can customize your meditation length, background track, and interval chimes). For both types of users, Oak will track your total minutes in meditation as well as the number of breaths taken and consecutive days with meditation practice. These minutes can also be reported to the Apple Healthkit as “mindful minutes.”

Oak can help you enjoy meditation more. As you follow along, you’ll learn how to perform yogic breathing. Box Breathing, Deep Calm, and Awake exercises can help you better achieve the benefits of meditation. And the animated instruction will take you out of the dark and into a state of relaxation and calm serenity.

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