Insta 360 Nano – The world’s Smallest and Lightest Dual Lens Camera

The Insta 360 Nano proves that bigger isn’t always better. The world’s smallest and lightest dual lens 360 camera is simply attached to the connector port of your iPhone where it fits comfortably then the companion app shoots and uploads photos directly to social media. The Insta 360 Nano is also able to shoot video unattached, so there’s no risk of damaging your expensive phone while testing the limits of the camera.

insta 360 nano the smallest and lightest camera

The Insta 360 Nano has a dual lens that captures everything in front, behind, above and below. There are no black spots. You will be shooting video and capture images in a true 360 panoramic experience. The Nano works by taking two images simultaneously with its duel lens and instantly stitches them together.

Super high 3K resolution captures clear and quality images. Capturing video at 30 frames per second means your video will be smooth without unwanted shaking from moving and shooting action videos. 64 GB of internal storage should keep you covered until you have a chance to upload the footage to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The Nano’s battery gives you two hours of shooting on one charge. If that’s not enough, just connect any power bank for a top up. Pretty incredible for a camera that only weighs 70g.

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