Introducing Millo – The World’s Smartest Smoothie Maker

With smart appliances taking over the world it was only a matter of time before smoothie makers joined the ranks. Millo is the world’s smartest smoothie maker and the smartest way to eat healthily. It’s the first blender designed to adapt to your lifestyle. ‘Smart’ doesn’t merely suggest the ability to wirelessly connect to other devices, it also reflects on solving age-old problems and improving usability. Millo succeeds as its Air Drive system uses magnets to deliver power to the blade, eliminating the most common problem in other blenders – noisy motors and rattling blade connectors. Millo is not completely silent, but it’s almost there. At least no one will mistake your meal prep for hammer drilling.

millo world blender

Smart Touch activation makes Millo incredibly easy to use. There are no buttons, simply touch the base, and you are seconds away from enjoying your favourite smoothie. The worst job in the kitchen is made easier with Millo’s Smart Lid designed so you can rinse and go in seconds. If that’s not sufficient, just purchase additional lids. Millo is also the first of its kind to remember you and your blending preferences. Put on the lid, and the blender will default to the smoothie you want most. The sleek, minimalist design compliments the smart features.

millo blender is a new wellness appliance

For those rare occasions when Smart Touch is not enough, or you just want precise control over what happens in the blender, the companion mobile app enables you to fiddle with every little setting that there is. Millo’s founders are campaigning via Kickstarter to fund the smoothie maker. There’s still time for you to support the campaign and secure the last appliance you will ever need for quick and healthy meals. If successful, Millo is expected to ship November 2017.

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