Introducing the Z Series, Sony’s Flagship TV

Sony recently debuted its killer new range of 4K Ultra LCD TVs, named the Z series. The ‘Z’ is set to replace Sony’s X series as its flagship line. The Z series can reproduce the vibrant colours of the real world, as well as produce deeper blacks and brighter lights through the new Backlight MasterDrive technology. Regarding display quality, the Z series incorporates Sony’s latest HDR (high-dynamic range) and 4K image processors for improved contrast and colour accuracy.

 sony flagship z series tv angled view

The new seamless interface offers enhanced navigation and voice search for live TV and internet video services. The new content bar features a genre filtering function so you can easily select a program from your favourite genre such as sports, music, etc. This feature will save you from having to flip through the channels or menu to find what you want. The Z Series also runs a unique version of Google’s Android TV platform for internet services.

The Z Series launches with three models: The base model has a 65-inch screen that will set you back $6,999. The 75-inch model follows for $9,999, and there’s currently no word on the cost of the 100-inch model. The Z series is available now for pre-order.

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