iOS 11 – Coming Soon to an Apple Device Near You

With a raft of new products due to released by Apple at the end of the year, it’s only fair that we also get a new operating system for our beloved devices to complete the package. iOS 11 is Apple’s latest solution to a problem we didn’t know we had, but it goes much, much deeper than a simple update to the current offerings.

New features include a customisable dock for iPad, an updated do not disturb mode which can automatically detect when you’re driving and switch off notifications, a new app named Files, which cleverly organises all your clouds into one convenient location, and a multilingual Siri, who can even translate between 6 different languages.

ios 11 apple customisable dock iPad

There’s also a huge focus from Apple on leading the world in augmented reality software, with the new platform allowing developers to lay virtual content over real-world scenes for enhanced gaming, shopping and industrial design experiences.

It previewed to developers today; iOS users can expect to enjoy these new features before the end of the year.

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ios 11 apple ipad with phone

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