It’s OK Cassette Player Takes You Back to the Magic of Music

It was the summer of 1979 that saw the introduction of a portable cassette player. Forty years later, we’re seeing a resurgence of this technology, with people embracing the cassette for all its nostalgic glory. The It’s OK Cassette Player lets you put on your headphones, slap in a cassette, and press play. In no time, you’re listening to the warmth of the music you love, instead of the chilled sterility so common with digital tunes.

Its OK Cassette Player

The It’s OK Cassette Player is a mix of old and new. While it does use cassettes for its source music, it is still Bluetooth enabled, so you can use your favourite headphones or speakers. Or go completely retro with the 3.5mm headphones. The Bluetooth capability also allows you to share your music with friends—no more trying to squeeze under one headset.

Mixed tapes are also coming back. The cassette player offered the freedom to record different songs and messages onto a cassette, providing you with the opportunity to share your favourites and feelings with those you care about. The record feature of the It’s OK Cassette Player lets you experience that magic once again. The act of giving a physical object—something that can be touched and felt—adds a dimension to sharing above what a download can do. It adds value and genuine sentiment.

Its OK Cassette Player

Finally, the transparent cover of the It’s OK Cassette Player lets you watch the tape progress. Akin to watching an open fire, the playing of a cassette can be just as mesmerizing, letting you truly escape into your listening pleasure.

The It’s OK Cassette Player comes in three colours—“Sakura” pink, “Cloud” white, and “Evening” navy blue. The player features five keys, including play, forward, back, stop, and record. It also has an auto stop system that engages at the end of the cassette. It requires two AA batteries. It measures 118mm x 84mm x 33.5mm and weighs only 152g (without batteries).

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