Jawbone UP2 & UP 3 with a New Design & 10 New Colours

Jawbone keeps churning out updates to their wearables, as they continue to make their mark in the ever growing market. They have just launched a new design for UP2 as well as 10 new colors
for UP2 and UP3. The original colors were only grey, silver and black – not bad, but just not very exciting. With new colors like Turquoise Circle, Oat Spectrum, Sand Twist and Teal Cross, Jawbone is clearly pushing for more variety in their offerings.

In addition to the colors, the UP2 has a brand new design. Five of the new colors come two lightweight thin straps – giving the slim tracker an even more fashionable and unique look and feel. And lastly, Jawbone wants to make sure the improvements are more than cosmetic, as they released an over-the-air firmware update enabling new features including Automatic Sleep Detection and Passive Heart Rate monitoring. Jawbone is one of the leaders in fitness wearables and they show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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