Join the League with the DRL Racer4 Street

The Drone Racing League (DRL) has been around since 2015, with First Person View (FPV) races happening on an international level. These drones fly at speeds of 80 miles per hour through 3D courses. ESPN, Sky Sports, ProSiebenSat 1, FOX Sports Asia, Groupe AB, OSN, and Disney XD have all carried their races.

The sport continues to grow and recently added a fully autonomous drone racing series. As thrilling as the races have been, there’s just one little problem—you can’t get ahold of one of these drones for your personal use, until now. The DRL Racer4 Street is a street-ready version of the same drone used in the league.

racer4 starter kit bundle

The DRL Racer4 Street uses the same racing rig that was flown by pilots in the 2019 DRL/Allianz World Championship. It comes with a 5S power system, 2510 stator and 7x4x3 props. Each motor on the racer generates 1,850g at an efficient 34A. But since you’re not a professional pilot—yet—the DRL Racer4 was made to be easily fixed with spare parts available for purchase.

That’s not to say that the Racer4 will be easy to break. The 4’s canopy is made of rigid polycarbonate and uses self-tapping fasteners. The electronics were also redesigned so that the drone would work with off-the-shelf radios.

DRL Racer4 Street

The racer looks like a futuristic fighter plane, or something you would see hanging in the Batcave. The X shape is accented by 100 LEDs—not quite the 1000 LEDs of the pro version, but you don’t have to worry about your drone displaying a sponsor’s logo during a broadcasted race. Purchasing a DRL Racer4 Street will also give you access to their simulator, which will teach you how to fly FPV and start racing.

DRL Racer4 Street side view

You can pick up a Racer4 Starter Kit Bundle Reward that includes the Team Blacksheep Tango remote control system. The system was designed with the Racer4 in mind, and features a built-in screen as well as the TBS crossfire system. That and other kits are available on Kickstarter.

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