The June Smart Oven is A Better Cook Than You

June is an intelligent convection oven that takes the guesswork out of cooking by ensuring that your food comes out exactly how you want it, making you much a better cook. You could go to all the effort of buying groceries, marinating, mincing and mixing the ingredients just to have it ruined in a conventional oven through overcooking. The June Oven solves this by utilising sensors and AI to recognise, monitor and cook food to your liking. Plus June remembers your preferences for next time.

june smart oven

When you place a steak inside, June’s internal HD camera communicates with the built-in four-core Nvidia processor to run one of June’s neural networks to identify the food. June inquires on your preferred doneness before a multi-step program is automatically selected transitioning between roasting and broiling to cook the steak to a precise internal temperature. You’re only required to flip the steak at the appropriate time. June will notify you of this and when the steak is done by sending a notification to your smartphone.

june food and smartphone

June knows how to cook specific items because it’s trained by a team of chefs. Each time you cook a meal, you can do so with the knowledge that chefs have cooked that same food in a June Oven over 100 times. June currently identifies 25 foods and cooks them in the best way. From caramelised roasted butternut squash to juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside roast chicken with the list expanding over time. The June Oven is continuously adapting, learning and improving to make your cooking experiences flawless.

With six carbon fibre heating elements, three individual heating banks, two convection fans and one 5-inch touch screen, you just bring the oven mitts.

Check it out

June internal HD camera

june oven open

june black oven

june oven inside

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