Just Chill and Listen with the Alpine Ice In-Cooler Speaker System

This is the perfect addition to anyone’s summer. Sip on your chilled beverages while listening to your tropical tunes. There’s no need to carry a cooler and your portable speakers, the Alpine Ice In-Cooler Speaker System has got you covered. The 180-watt speaker is powered by a 16-foot cable that plugs into any auxiliary outlet. It has 1.25-inch high dynamic range woofers and two 4-by-8-inch bass radiators, and still has 56 quarts of storage space for all your favourite alcoholic beverages.

alpine ice in cooler speaker are waterproof

And there’s no need to worry, the speakers are waterproof, so spilling is allowed and it won’t electrocute you. And as a recommendation, I would need for than one set of hands to move this around, and ensure that it is well-guarded while it chills with you and your mates as it will set you back $2000. Nevertheless, it is one beast of a cooling and sound machine.

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