Kable Transforms the Charging Cable into Something Amazing

Apple or Android. Whichever side of the fence you sit, you better hope there’s a compatible charging cable nearby. But what if Apple and Samsung just got along and made accessories that suit both brands of smartphone? Not going to happen. So the team over at Thatcher did it for them. Kable is one simple cable that charges all phones and device supporting a Micro USB connection. Thatcher discovered that the connections between iOS and Micro USB were similar so they designed, tested and ran ideas past electrical engineers to create the Kable which works universally, without fear of any ‘non-compatible’ messages.

kable is one simple cable that charges all phones

But connectivity was only the beginning. The Kable also needed to be super durable and stylish. The obvious choices were denim and leather. Both materials are strong, fashionable and just so happen to be excellent insulators of wire. The materials also meshed well with the heads of the cable at each end. And that is the story of how the most mundane, boring accessory that EVERYONE has was turned into something interesting, fun, with massive connectivity for Thatcher and the user to be immensely proud of. The Kable is up on Kickstarter for an incredibly reasonable price.

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kable which works universally without fear

 kable needed to be super durable and stylish