Keeping it OG with the Original Nikon 1 Vintage Camera

This is one of the photographers, camera lovers and collectors. We generally all say that the originals of anything always remain the best versions, no matter how many future releases are made, and this is no different. Introducing, the original Nikon 1 rangefinder. There are apparently fewer than 400 of these lying about somewhere, so this OG is rare.

nikon 1 vintage camera in the case

This was the beginning of an era. It was when Nippon Kogaku KK attached the Nikon name to a camera and let it off to compete with the main players at that time, which were Leica and Contax. It is the oldest known surviving Nikon that dates back to March 1948 and is up for auction today.

nikon 1 vintage camera side and lens

The camera remains in great condition and still has the original shutter and base plate with the large “Made in occupied Japan” engraving. And it also comes with the original case. So all the originals for the OG. For all the real snappers out there, this is your chance to have a slice of history.

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nikon 1 vintage camera baseplate engraving