KEF’s M100 Earbuds Will Add Some Flair to Your Music

Whether for working out, traveling, commuting or just listening in leisure, everyone should have a reliable pair of earbuds. They are significantly less clunky than large over ear headphones, and when fitted right can provide some very impressive quality direct to your ears. The KEF M100 earbuds combine incredible design, innovation, and precision engineering to deliver high-resolution sound. They also look quite nice and will make your travel or commute experience just a bit more comfortable.

The M100s provide small but mighty full-range 10mm neodymium drivers with a well-balanced frequency that ranges from 20HZ to 20KHz. The low-resonance suspension ring of high-density foam helps to minimize distortion, allowing for a clear and solid listening experience every time. You no longer have to worry about the bass overpowering your eardrums as you enjoy crisp audio from your favorite artists, all while keeping the size of your headphones to a minimum.

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kef m100 earbuds solid listening experience every time